Richard Boyd, CEO & Founder of Tanjo AI, LLC, an award-winning machine learning (ML) company based in North Carolina, will host the 10th Annual Simulation Century Event at MODSIM World on May 9th at 4:00 PM EST at the Hilton Norfolk, Norfolk, VA.

With more than 30 years of AI and ML expertise, Richard Boyd will lead the ongoing discussion surrounding the growing issue of managing the human/machine interface and shifting focus to technologies, such as digital twins, that build towards the Metaverse. 

“This new metaverse medium includes every media type ever used in human communication.” Richard says. “Simulations using game technology, machine learning and AI, and IoT-enabled situational awareness will create better decision landscapes and training outcomes for businesses and individuals.” 

To help facilitate this engaging discussion, Richard has gathered a panel stacked with some of the top authorities and contributors to the AI and ML industry to share their insights and expertise in their respective fields. These brief, high impact presentations will envision how 21st century simulation will shape humanity’s future:  

  • Marc Prensky, Author and Speaker, “Digital Natives” The creator of the terms “digital native” and “digital immigrant” which he described in a 2001 article in “On the Horizon.” Following an esteemed career in the education field, Marc has excelled as a corporate strategist and product development director with the Boston Consulting Group, and spent six years with Bankers Trust on Wall Street, where he created game-based training for financial traders. Marc holds degrees from Oberlin College, Middlebury College, Yale University and the Harvard Business School, and is the author of seven books and 100 essays on learning and education.
  • Denis Belliveau, Explorer in Residence, “In the Footsteps of Marco Polo using XR” Award-winning photographer, author and explorer whose work has been widely published in books and periodicals including Photographic Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine and the companion book for the BBC documentary series, “Planet Earth.” In 1996, Denis was inducted into the renowned Explorers Club due to his remarkable achievements, and in 2009 he received an Emmy® nomination for writing and directing his acclaimed documentary film, “In the Footsteps of Marco Polo.” 
  • Anil Menon, Executive Vice President, Community & Urban Services, Sharecare, Inc., “Digital Twins to Manage Community Wellness” A member of the Managing Board and Head of the Centre for Global Industries, World Economic Forum, Anil brings an extensive resume and a wealth of knowledge from his many years studying and working in higher education. In addition to being a tenured professor and earning his PhD in Marketing Strategy and Multivariate Statistics and Linear Equation Modelling, Anil has held executive roles and enacted change within some of the world’s top companies, including Cisco Systems and IBM. 
  • Kevin Clark, Chairman & CEO of Choiceflows, “C-Suite to Main Street: Decision Research & Support Systems” Award-winning business and brand strategist, serial author and entrepreneur, and alpine skier. He is the corporate director for Emeritus Brand and Values Experience, IBM, and is the current Federation Leader and President of Content Evolution, celebrating 20 years of service to clients. Kevin has held several leadership positions including CEO of Choiceflows Inc., CEO of platformUX, and is a founding member of the SenseMapping practice.

“We are in the Simulation Century,” says Boyd, “The last century was the first where humans used video images to record and analyze the human condition. This century is about simulation and prediction. The central problem in an accelerating information age is how to achieve the right balance between humans and automation to optimize outcomes. We plan to continue our discussion of how to achieve fluency with smarter simulations, achieving the right blend of man and machine to optimize outcomes at MODSIM 2022.”

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