Hospitality Staffing Solutions Announces Release of “GM Guide to Pandemic Recovery” eBook

Hospitality Staffing Solutions (HSS), the leading staffing and services provider to the hospitality industry nationwide, is pleased to announce the release of its most recent eBook, The General Manager’s Guide to Pandemic Recovery.

HSS and its parent company, KBS Services, have taken the best practices from across hospitality and other industries to create this guide for raising standards and lowering costs during this challenging economic recovery period.

“Our 30-year track record, national footprint, and collaborative work with national brands and management companies has placed us in the unique position of knowing what works, what doesn’t work, and where we can help GM’s achieve success for themselves and their properties,” says James Krouse, SVP, Sales & Marketing at HSS. “Planning for the future is the play that smart GMs are making right now.” 

Labor shortages, new guest demands for pre-COVID service levels, and slow-to-recover business travel are just a few of the hurdles GMs face today as they fight to return to a new normal in the months and even years ahead. The hospitality industry relies on GMs to ensure guest satisfaction, safe operations, and profitability. The recovery period has forced GMs to innovate and ideate new approaches.

Today, they are asking themselves some mission-critical questions: 

  • How can we return to profitability? 
  • What types of staffing models can help us to raise standards and lower costs? 
  • How can I maximize my time to provide for a better customer experience? 

The General Manager’s Guide to Pandemic Recovery is designed to provide answers, help these critical leaders navigate how to approach cleaning and maintenance now and in the future. The careful consideration and implementation of a comprehensive plan will ensure the long-term success and variability of their property. 

“Today’s current labor shortage, lack of experienced senior staff, pile up of deferred maintenance, and meeting the challenge of heightened guest awareness of cleanliness are real. Surmounting them and positioning their hotel for future success offers the opportunity to leverage solutions with real-world results,” says Krouse.

Download The General Manager’s Guide to Pandemic

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