Making Science Less "Stuffy" One Bug at a Time

Rad Source has changed the game in pest and microbial control, and they needed a fun, eye-catching way to spread the word. Insects can be harmful to both humans and the agricultural industry. As pests rapidly reproduce and grow in population, they spread diseases, affecting crops, livestock, and people.

Rad Source applies their patent-proven method for the humane sterile insect technique (SIT).

We brought the issues to life by creating a family of illustrated insects to help start the conversation about remediation in the SIT industry. Inspired by The Far Side Comics, our cast of insect characters have names, lives, and quirky but memorable personalities. The animated insects can embody the serious topics involved in pest control in a relatable and friendly way. Most importantly, their anatomically correct depictions, as well as their human-like personalities and lifestyles offer Rad Source’s current and prospective audiences an eye-catching approach to discover their story.

Meet the insects!

The Process The Result

Dawn, who’s known as the life of the party. She’s a single mosquito who enjoys going out with her friends and meeting potential dates.

Peter is a mosquito as well. He’s eager to go out and meet other mosquitos like Dawn.

And of course there’s Kathy. As a single mother to 500 fruit flies, she’s dedicated her life to her children. However, with so many of them, they’re difficult to manage.

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