Making IIoT "Sizzle" in Corrugated

Helios, a revolutionary new AI and Machine Learning product for the corrugated industry, needed a snappy, attention-grabbing way to announce the grand unveiling of their service, and to educate prospective customers about the benefits that await them. To achieve this goal, we elected to create a video sizzle reel to showcase the unique Helios offers to optimize asset utilization and maintenance intervals. The crucial component of the ethos for this video was that it needed to look cutting edge, tech-y, and embody the energy of the new Helios brand. After all, this was its first impression on the corrugated industry.

The final product was a 75-second, visually rich video that leveraged B-roll, animated graphics featuring subtle motifs and nods to the gears and sunshine design elements that make up the Helios. Highlights in the real included an energetic music track and an upbeat voice narrator. Visually, the video featured a preview of the innovative Helios dashboard, as well as a preview of the Return on Investment (ROI) calculator, and most importantly, a call to action to help interested clients get started on their journey with Helios.

Stay tuned: this video served as a foundation for a series of videos, following the same design format, that highlights different more detailed demos of the Helios product offerings.

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