APTech was going through changes.

Often referred to as the “association that puts on the PRINT show,” their value outside of events wasn’t truly recognized by the industry. Then COVID hit and face-to-face gatherings became a thing of the near-distant past.

No longer relying on the show to carry membership numbers, it was important that APTech truly communicate the unique value it brings to its members and the Print industry at large. Adduco initiated a large-scale membership campaign and association “face lift” (launching a new website to boot!) to help communicate the additional opportunities that come with an APTech membership.

The “We’ve Got Your Back” campaign focused on reminding members and the industry that APTech supports them, their businesses and the Print industry at large.

To create buzz-worthy momentum, we worked with the association to create fun, shareable content using Print industry inside jokes, memes and swag.

The result was record engagement, increased readership of news items and tens of thousands of unique views on both the new website. APTech membership transformed into a must for any member of the Print industry and the momentum continues today.

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