SUN Automation Group Showcases Transformative Solutions at FEFCO

Company’s Software Solution Offers Huge Savings for Manufacturers

Lyon, France (October 24, 2023)– SUN Automation Group is exhibiting its cutting-edge corrugated solutions at the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) Technical Seminar in Lyon, France from October 25th to October 27th, at the Lyon Convention Center.

SUN is highlighting the benefits of Helios, the company’s advanced machine learning and IIoT platform. This SaaS solution quantifies and analyzes key elements of the corrugated manufacturing process. Utilizing this data, box plant leaders are able to make more informed decisions around scheduling downtime and ordering parts, thereby mitigating machine failure and improving overall efficiency.

“Unplanned downtime is one of the most costly issues box plants face,” says Gokul Gopakumar, Vice President of Technology and Business Development. “Helios enables manufacturers to identify problems before they arise and schedule downtime in a controlled and timely manner. Through machine learning, Helios’ predictive algorithms continuously improve, leading to larger and larger cost savings over time.”

In addition, SUN is showcasing the Electra-Flow™ Electric Ink Pump. The Electra-Flow™is an electrically powered double diaphragm ink pump designed to deliver consistent and efficient ink flow. By eliminating the need for air consumption, fittings, and tubing, the Electra-Flow™ system reduces operational costs, promotes smoother ink flow with less pulsation, and can handle high-viscosity inks and corrugated paper scraps.

The FEFCO Technical Seminar brings together European corrugated packaging manufacturers and partners from every step of the supply chain.  As a complete solutions provider, SUN is highlighting solutions across multiple stages of corrugated production, including:

  • Microgrind® Anvil Trimmer
    • Sun’s MicroGrind system uses a tungsten carbide grinding roll to grind the anvil flat and true. This inventive idea allows the surface to be treated in micro amounts (0.001”/0.025 mm) automatically with grinding precision every 10,000 impressions without operator intervention.
  • SUN625® Rotary Die Cutter
    • The fixed-frame, vertically opening, flexo printing machine offers versatile capabilities, including feeding, printing, and converting. Designed to produce high quality containers in a 24/7 production environment and reach speeds up to 200 spm, the SUN625® offers more production volume than two traditional RDC machines, while also producing superior container quality.
  • Extend-O-Feed® Lead Edge Feeder
    • Known for its accuracy, consistency, versatility, durability and its ability to feed a variety of substrates, the Extend-O-Feed® Lead Edge Feeder is utilized in over 11,500 production lines in 40 countries.

“We take great pride in our breadth of capabilities,” says Greg Jones, Executive Vice President of SUN. “By combining our capabilities with strategic partnerships, we are able to offer individualized solutions for our customer’s exact needs. We look forward to demonstrating how our expanded knowledge, experience, and global presence can serve the corrugated community at FEFCO.”

To learn more about how SUN can up-level your corrugated operations, visit booths 96 & 105 at FEFCO, and visit For additional information about FEFCO, visit


SUN Automation Group® is a global industry leader providing corrugated box plants with innovative equipment for feeding, printing and converting. The wide range of products are proven solutions for increasing production, efficiency, and profitability. With 24/7 on-site technical support, SUN Automation is known for its exceptional service. Headquartered outside of Baltimore, MD, SUN Automation has service centers around the globe. To keep up to date with SUN Automation’s innovations and news, visit or follow @SUNAutomation on X.

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