Direct Mail is Back: 3 Ways to Leverage Mail Marketing in a Digital World

Digital marketing has seen a massive boom in the past decade, as social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn have expanded ad capabilities on their platforms to target consumers more consistently and accurately. Despite the increase in spending on digital marketing, direct mail marketing still proves to be effective – according to a 2017 study from Promotional Products Association International, consumers who receive a promotional product are 83% more likely to do business with a brand. Plus, direct mail spend for 2023 is projected to reach $38.5 billion, the largest portion of U.S. local advertising spend, according to Mail Shark. 

Now is the time to bring new life to your direct mail campaigns. With the Tactile, Sensory and Interactive Promotion through USPS, you can receive a 5% discount on direct mail campaigns that use specialty inks, sensory treatments or interactive elements through July 31. Plus, with the deluge of digital marketing tactics that your customers receive on a daily basis, it’s easy to stick out from the rest with direct mail campaigns that catch the eye.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got 3 tips to help you strategize your next direct mail campaign: 

  1. Omnichannel Lead Generation 

It’s easier than ever to boost direct mail efforts thanks to omnichannel marketing. Using a mix of email and direct mail efforts within a marketing campaign guarantees your customer base is receiving the information you’re sending their way. Plus, using a customer relationship management platform (CRM) such as HubSpot or Salesforce to track the performance of your direct mail campaigns is a great way to get actionable insights into what worked and what didn’t, saving you money and time. 

  1. Digital Printing Personalization 

There’s a variety of print opportunities that didn’t exist 10 years ago, making your direct mail efforts more exciting and enticing to your consumer base. Take, for instance, developments in digital printing – you can now personalize direct mail efforts to include the recipient’s name. Plus, if you’re adding a present to your direct mail piece, consider having the gift customized to really drive the customer experience home. We recently aided Baldwin Technology in highlighting the fusion of traditional and digital printing.

  1. Explore Interactive Options

Thanks to new opportunities in printing technology, there are tons of interactive options to choose from when thinking about ways to stand out from competitors in direct mail efforts. Interactive opportunities are endless – we helped Monadnock Paper Mills showcase their Hemp ENVI Performance Board with partner Shawmut Communications Group in an award-winning “Sustainability is Kindness” campaign that featured a special cutout for a KIND bar and a custom coloring piece. 

With creative options like pop-up cards, infinite folding and Trailing Edge Die-Cut (TED-C) envelopes (an envelope featuring a die-cut that continues past the regular trailing edge) that can be paired with textured paper coatings, foil embossing and more, there’s no limit to your direct mail dreams. 
When it comes to direct mail marketing, there’s plenty of exciting avenues to take to make your campaign one to remember. If you need help executing your next direct mail campaign, don’t wait, the A Team is here to help!

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