Showcasing the Printing Possibilities of Hemp-Based Substrates

Monadnock Paper Mills may be the oldest continuously operating paper mill in the United States, but that doesn’t mean their work is old school. In fact, when it comes to manufacturing products that are durable, printable and valuable to its customers, it is undoubtedly new school. So when they tasked us with finding a way to showcase its Hemp ENVI Performance Board with partner Shawmut Communications Group, we couldn’t wait to get to it. Sustainable substrates have a bad reputation for being difficult to print on, tough to convert and present a rougher, less finished texture. Because of these misconceptions, many brands think that they have to compromise the beauty of their packaging in the name of sustainability. But Hemp ENVI Performance Board is strong, smooth and prints beautifully–especially when you have a top-notch printing partner like Shawmut on board. We settled on “Sustainability is Kindness” as the direction of the campaign and covered it graphically inside and out with adjectives for kindness. For an interactive and personal touch, we designed a custom coloring piece and placed a Kind® Bar inside. The timing of the campaign couldn’t have been better–dropping in July, right in the middle of nationwide quarantines and remote working, many people were in need of some positive messaging, a healthy snack and a smile.

*Adduco also supports Monadnock with additional services including public relations, marketing, graphic design and social media.

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