Combat Marketing Overload with Direct Customer Experiences

If you’re like most people today, you are inundated with ads, marketing pieces, and corporate messages.  It’s hard to get impressed anymore!  Marketers are finding it more and more difficult to break through the noise.  But it’s not hopeless.  There are so many ways to still make an impact, and get a customer to act.  It just takes a little creativity.

Recently, our client, Helios, the Corrugated Industry’s premier IIoT solution came to us with a question.  How do they get busy executive decision-makers who are already getting bombarded with promotional items, sales calls, and offers, to pay attention?  Adduco’s solution included a few different marketing home runs rolled into one.  

Introducing the customer experience box.

Promotional items are great, but can often get pushed aside, or let’s face it, thrown in the trash.  When thinking about what promo items to choose, it’s important to find items that are useful, visible and quality made.  For the customer experience box, we decided on an Ember Mug- a mug that keeps your beverages hot– a must-have for busy executives who often don’t get to finish their coffee in one sitting.  It’s something that sits on a desk or table, not generally in a cupboard. That gives the brand a chance to be seen again and again.  Coupled with the tech vibe of both Helios’ offering and Ember’s technology, it was a great marriage.

Helios is a solution for the corrugated and folding carton industry so it was essential to have a printed box — inside and out.  Adduco added bright graphics with impactful messaging throughout.

It’s indisputable that video is uber impactful for branding and marketing messages.  Adduco realized there’s a huge value in adding a video component to the overall design of the box and we had a great video we had just produced to launch Helios that would be perfect.  We worked with our promotional partner Geiger to source a video box that would work perfectly, even after the box had gone through transit.  No easy feat if you’ve ever received a box from Amazon on its journey from the warehouse to your home.  We found the perfect solution to make sure it all stayed safe.

Helios’ video was incorporated in the box so we didn’t have to ship a tv or screen separately.  A hugely impactful component considering this box was going to executives in the corrugated and folding box industry.  The chances they have seen a box with a tv screen fitted inside was slim.  This is brand new technology– just like Helios.

We added some other fun components like computer stickers and cards to help reinforce the brand beyond the box opening.

The customer experience is important.  And sometimes you have to think outside (or in this case, inside) the box to make a huge impact.

The results?  Customer feedback was immediate.  “This is the coolest unboxing experience I’ve ever had,” said one corrugated industry veteran executive.

We think it’s pretty cool too.  

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