AI Expert Joins All-Star Keynote Panel to Explore Impacts of Machine Learning at FABTECH

Richard Boyd, CEO, and co-founder of Tanjo AIan award-winning machine learning (ML) company, will join an all-star keynote panel to discuss the impact and uses of AI and machine learning at FABTECH as part of its FABx Tech Talks (Tuesday, November 8 from 9 to 10 AM EST., Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta). FABTECH is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing event.

Boyd is a serial entrepreneur, tech consultant, celebrated author, and sought-after speaker on virtual worlds, computer gaming, machine learning, and human/computer interfaces. Boyd is also the co-founder and CEO of Ultisim Inc., a simulation learning company that utilizes gaming technology and AI. Boyd and his teams work with a wide array of industries outside of manufacturing – including energy, healthcare, defense, education, and motion pictures. Tanjo is a recent XPRIZE semifinalist for its Community Confidence COVID-19 machine learning dashboard.

Entitled “Don’t Get Left Behind: Using Artificial Intelligence to Drive Manufacturing Insights,” Boyd will join Gillen Young, Chief Architect for IIOT Solutions at AT&T; and Bryce Austin, CEO of TCE Strategy in offering actionable insights for manufacturing and fabricating decision-makers.

Boyd will share his expertise and experience in helping companies leverage machine learning and optimize processes across supply and value chains. Specifically, machine learning can be used to continuously ingest and organize all the digital content in supply chain processes to gain key competitive advantages. “In this era of accelerating complexity, prior methods are proving quickly to be insufficient. Fortunately, new tools like AI and Machine Learning are emerging as powerful aids to augment our past methods and help automate some of these daunting tasks,” said Boyd. “From preventative maintenance and operator training to plant process automation, AI and Machine Learning can impact every process in manufacturing.”

Boyd will also address methods for combining  AI and Machine Learning technologies with sources of data, native knowledge, and expertise to amplify business intelligence to ultimately drive value in manufacturing processes. “It’s an exciting time for manufacturers of all types,” said Boyd. “I’m looking forward to working with my fellow panelists and getting to reconnect with exhibitors and attendees at Fabtech.”

About Tanjo AI

Tanjo AI is an award-winning artificial intelligence and machine learning company dedicated to achieving a balance between human and machine interaction to optimize outcomes. Serving multiple industries from manufacturing, healthcare, and education to financial and consumer market research, Tanjo helps customers gain greater business insight and drive actionable innovation. With the Tanjo Enterprise Brain, customers can better harness and maintain organizational knowledge to prepare for digital transformation. With Tanjo Animated Personas (TAP) marketers can test product concepts and messaging to an unbiased group of digital stand-ins that represent their customers’ true values and interests. Tanjo prides itself on delivering attainable machine learning-based platforms that offer customers 10x or more return-on-investment.

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