Unifying a Brand

When the COVID-19 crisis began to unfold in March, many companies shut down.  But manufacturing, considered an essential business, kept going.  Manufacturers around the country were inundated with orders and concerns that machines on the line were being pushed to their limit.  SUN Automation Group, a world-class supplier of machinery, equipment, parts and service to converters around the world, was ready to step up to the plate and help manufacturers continue to thrive.  Offering on-site or remote 24/7/365 assistance has always been part of their brand promise, but in the “new normal”, where many suppliers were cutting hours, limiting assistance on-site and furloughing employees, SUN’s team worked with Adduco to set the standard in the industry with the “We Got Your Back” Campaign.  The result?  The message resonated with corrugated industry and beyond and created a sense of camaraderie and hope that these challenges will not define the industry but rather, one we can weather, together.   Even as thing s get back to “normal” (whatever that is anyway) SUN was a champion of its industry and the people who make it run.

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