The Pythagorean Quest: An Interactive Deep Dive into the Mysteries of Mathematics

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Chapel Hill, NC (May 8, 2024) – UltiSim, a trailblazer in immersive 3D adventure games for the K12 classroom, is excited to introduce the newest addition to its library of educational simulations: The Pythagorean Quest. This game is designed to give students a thorough understanding of history’s arguably most impactful mathematical discovery, the Pythagorean Theorem, and what it means for our world today.

“UltiSim’s QuestSim platform is a game-changer for educational learning, offering engaging 3D simulations like ‘The Pythagorean Quest,’” shares Richard Boyd, CEO of UltiSim. “This innovative tool requires no installations, seamlessly integrating into classrooms via Chromebooks. Its ease of use empowers educators to effortlessly incorporate immersive learning into their curriculum for improved learning outcomes and information retention.”

The Pythagorean Quest invites students to grab their stylus and tablet and join Greek philosopher Pythagoras himself on the path to mathematical enlightenment. Students will be guided through a series of hands-on activities, increasing in complexity, until they derive the famous Pythagorean Theorem, and apply it via a series of word problems.

The final challenge of Pythagoras Quest not only reinforces students’ understanding of the theorem but also offers valuable insights into its real-world applications. By exploring its modern uses in fields like navigation, architecture, and technology, The Pythagorean Quest provides a comprehensive and well-rounded glimpse into the intriguing secrets of mathematics.

“We believe in providing engaging, high-quality learning experiences to as many students as possible,” says Linda Bernard, lifelong educator and COO at UltiSim. “The Pythagorean Quest is more than memorizing formulas; it equips students with tools for problem-solving, critical thinking, and understanding the world around them – benefits that extend far beyond the classroom.”

QuestSim’s mission is to provide classrooms nationwide with access to high-quality, immersive learning experiences through cutting-edge technology. This powerful educational tool is now available for educators seeking to elevate their mathematics curriculum with learning resources and lesson plans mapped to state standards, such as Common Core, that are ready for teachers to use.

Brian Setser, former Director of North Carolina Virtual Public Schools, shares: “I have been following the UltiSim effort to build thoughtfully designed game-based simulations that can work on Chromebooks in classrooms for the last few years. These new experiences they are deploying will positively impact classrooms as they roll out, easing the burden on teachers and improving student outcomes and engagement.”

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About UltiSim

The QuestSim platform is proudly created by UltiSim, a company powered by a unique combination of leading-edge gaming technology, simulation learning, and artificial intelligence expertise. Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, UltiSim was founded by pioneers in computer gaming, building fully immersive 3D simulation experiences that solve real-world problems. In addition to the QuestSim adventure learning simulation platform, UltiSim creates new opportunities for businesses through AI-powered simulations for immersive training, collaboration, and customer insight. Learn more by visiting or contacting Brian Moynihan, UltiSim’s VP of Marketing at

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