Tanjo AI Launches New Enterprise Brain

Tanjo AI, LLC, an award-winning machine learning (ML) company based in North Carolina, has launched its new Enterprise Brain. The machine learning knowledge-discovery system is designed to empower large organizations to make better decisions through optimized information mapping.

The new Enterprise Brain is based on Tanjo’s history of providing AI-enabled information sorting solutions, which have been implemented by a range of universities, corporations, and government-service contractors including RTI International, NCI Information Systems, GruntWorx, and the North Carolina Community College System.

“One of the biggest dangers for large and complex organizations is the lack of knowledge of what’s been done in the past and what’s currently happening locked in silos,” said Richard Boyd, CEO, Tanjo AI.  “Tanjo’s Enterprise Brain solves this massive problem, allowing organizations to get what they need quickly — and with any new knowledge-creation automatically organized.”

Among the features of the new Tanjo Enterprise Brain:

●      Your own machine learning executive assistant, that can find relevant past performance, new business, and help you staff your project.

●      The appropriate documents, people, and proposals find you.

●      A fast, state of the art, Multimodal, hyperdimensional fingerprint machine learning system. Auto-generated Taxonomy based on what knowledge is contained in an organization

●       Visually engaging, easy to use interface for employees to find any information they need, customized based on an organization’s specific needs

●      Employees can tell the Enterprise Brain what they are interested in and receive alerts about new information

●      Fully integrated wherever you are: ServiceNow, Microsoft Teams and more

“Our partnership with Tanjo AI allows us to bring this critical knowledge management capability to support our customer missions in the federal government,” said Paul Dillahay, President and CEO, NCI Information Systems, Inc. “Offering innovative technologies in AI and machine learning needs to map and organize vast pools of information and data to ensure that knowledge is always maintained, regardless of changes in the workforce.”

In an era of growing privacy concerns, Tanjo’s new Enterprise Brain is designed to keep data inside a client’s firewall, effectively addressing data security issues. By providing this level of security, users are able to efficiently mine their data to ensure optimal performance. Business executives, project leaders, educational professionals, and government employees are now able to harness the power of machine learning to successfully engage their teams and enable faster and better decision-making.

“The amount of intellectual capital lost in large organizations is a drain on productivity, profit, and innovation,” said Boyd. “Tanjo’s new Enterprise Brain is a powerful and proven AI tool that unleashes the intelligence and insight of human beings.” 

More information: www.tanjo.ai

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