Signode Features Innovative Equipment and Support Solutions at Forest Products Machinery & Equipment EXPO 2023

Nashville, TN (August 23, 2023) – Signode, a leading global manufacturer of a broad range of automated packaging equipment, tools, consumables, and automation solutions, will present a selection of lumber unitizing and marking machines in booth 1117 at the Forest Products Machinery & Equipment EXPO in Nashville. Held at the Music City Center August 23-25, Signode will showcase its innovative contributions to the lumber industry.

“At Signode, we understand the unique challenges our customers in the forest products industry are facing on a daily basis,” says Jeff Stephens, Construction Segment Manager at Signode. “Our focus is on designing state-of-the-art solutions and support programs that enable our customers to enhance their operations and strengthen their respective positions in the forestry industry.”

While Signode boasts a full suite of solutions to help meet the demands of the lumber industry, a select number of our signature machines will be on display at the EXPO. In addition to exploring the possibilities within our equipment portfolio, attendees will learn about our Packaging Plus® Reliability Services Team, which boasts more than 500 field service engineers and technicians who help your packaging equipment continue operating at peak performance.

Equipment highlights include:


Signode’s BPX compression strapping system is a user-friendly machine designed to simplify the lumber packaging process and alleviate maintenance burdens. Its streamlined design helps reduce maintenance time, and its intuitive interface enables high efficiency and reliability, ultimately improving production outcomes. This versatile system accommodates quarter-packs, half-packs, and long loads, providing operational flexibility to meet changing production needs. Additionally, the BPX’s side compression mechanism offers enhanced load squaring and coverage, resulting in unparalleled package performance.

Lachenmeier® Stretch Hooder

The Lachenmeier® stretch hooder helps improve stability of oversized loads and adds efficiency to your end-of-line lumber packaging operation, with wrapping capabilities of up to 200 loads per hour. The fully automatic operation features a film unwinding technology that enhances corner protection, provides added strength and stability, and reduces packaging costs through less film consumption. The electrically operated stretch frame and film handling system and overall smaller footprint means that the machine can also maximize valuable production floor space and be placed closer to a facility’s perimeter. 

ORA 1650 Turntable Strap Dispenser

The ORA 1650 turntable strap dispenser is another of our innovative unitizing solutions that offers improved productivity and time savings. It requires fewer stops for strap and coil changeovers and relieves workers from the physical strain of lifting and handling heavy coils. With its small footprint design, this coil dispenser is easily integrated into existing strap accumulator towers and offers simplified strap loading. The ORA 1650 reduces stops for strap and coil changeovers, resulting in longer machine uptime. Additionally, this sustainable solution reduces CO2 emissions and carbon footprint by minimizing load handling, deliveries, and shipments within the plant.

Lumber Marking

Signode’s wood product solutions also extend to lumber marking for a variety of applications. With the ability to seamlessly integrate into existing operations, these high-speed printing solutions significantly minimize downtime while maintaining printing accuracy with high resolution and precise placement. Signode’s lumber marking solutions accommodate variable printing requirements, including alphanumerics, logos, and barcodes, empowering businesses to efficiently adapt to changing market demands and production requirements. 

Visit booth 1117 at Forest Products Machinery & Equipment EXPO to see how Signode’s solutions can move your business forward. Additional information about Signode and its expansive suite of offerings can be found at


About Signode
Signode is the $2+ billion global Transit Packaging Division of Crown Holdings, Inc., with more than 95 manufacturing facilities and 9,000 employees worldwide. The breadth and depth of Signode’s experience and product portfolio allows the company to offer the resources, reach, and vision to provide transit packaging solutions for the smallest local customers to the largest global customers.

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