Cannabis Industry’s Leading ESG Service Provider to Offer $2.5 Million in Equity Shares Through Wefunder

Regennabis, the leading provider of Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) strategies to the emerging global cannabis industry today announced it is launching a $2.5 million investment drive through Wefunder.

“As we enter our third year in operation, we continue to expand our service offerings to meet the considerable needs of our growing network of companies who require the expertise we deliver,” said Patrick McCartan, CEO. “Offering equity shares to investors will help us to maintain momentum and take advantage of the opportunities in the fast emerging cannabis and hemp space.”

“The raise will provide the working capital to accelerate the build, launch and delivery of ESG Excel – and deliver the much-needed ‘Standardization’ of ‘what’ to monitor, measure and Report; which is exactly what Stakeholders need, Cannabis Investors want, and forward-thinking Executives in this Industry crave.

And because Regennabis is a purpose-centric business, we have decided to seek the raise through crowdfunding with Wefunder’, “ said McCartan.

Regennabis plans to launch an industry-first RegTech SaaS Platform to address one of the biggest challenges facing Cannabis companies today – the timely and accurate disclosure of their Environmental, Social & (Corporate) Governance [ESG] performance.

Aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Regennabis builds cross-industry networks helping companies become the leading sustainable brands of the future and has close collaborations with multiple leading cannabis companies – including Curaleaf [CSE: CURA], Trulieve [CSE: TRUL], Weedmaps [NASDAQ: MAPS], Flora Growth [NASDAQ: FLGC], Ascend Wellness [CSE: AAWH.U] and Hawthorne Gardening Co.

“Regennabis’ knowledge of the cannabis and hemp industry and focus on sustainability, branding and ESG Frameworks – aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals – is groundbreaking,” said Will Kennedy, Senior Program Officer, United Nations Office for Partnerships.

Key Regennabis offerings:

  • Regennabis’ ESG Excel is thecannabis industry’s first-ever RegTech – B2B – SaaS Platform for ESG Compliance and Sustainability. The cloud-based platform delivers the de facto industry standards for measuring, monitoring and reporting an organization’s ESG Performance. It consolidates all ESG processes and reporting capabilities into a single platform, ensuring all data is centralized. ESG Excel is scalable, configurable and designed to meet the needs of dynamic businesses.

  • The second Regenerative Cannabis Live event will take place at the United Nations on May 10-11, 2023. Building on the success of the historic inaugural in-person Regenerative Cannabis Live event, held at the United Nations Delegates Dining Room on May 5, 2022.

It featured a capacity in-person crowd and more than 1,000 livestream viewers from across the world. Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the multi-stakeholder event united global government, nonprofit, corporate leaders and explored the ESG impacts facing the industry now and in the future. Keynote addresses, insightful panels on ESG business frameworks, restorative justice, energy use/efficiencies, and the future of medicine in cannabis and hemp were among the topics covered.

  • Regenabis Member Network comprises leading brands and nonprofit organizations, providing them with access to the most current business thinking, innovation and action-oriented behaviors in the industry. It is open to any individual or organization seeking to demonstrate leadership in the Cannabis & Hemp Industry, no matter the legal structure, e.g. MSOs, licensed producers, ancillary companies, distributors, media, social and environmental entrepreneurs, investors and Fortune 500 corporations.

More information:

About Regennabis

Regennabis delivers technology, advisory, membership, events and investment services to the global Cannabis, Hemp and Psychedelics industries as well as to “canna-curious” Fortune 500 companies seeking insights into these nascent sectors. Aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Regennabis builds cross-industry networks helping companies become the leading sustainable brands of the future with a vision to deliver “Regenerative Growth For All.”

Regennabis is led by a trio of seasoned professionals with vast global experience in finance, corporate consulting, ESG and sustainability: CEO and cofounder Patrick McCartan, CFO Kellie Seringer, and CGO and cofounder Geoff Trotter.

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