Regennabis Announces New Membership Benefits, Revised Pricing Structure

Highlight is Members-Only Attendance at Regenerative Cannabis Live at United Nations on October 3

San Francisco (May 4, 2023) – Regennabis, the leading provider of Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance)
strategic advisory services to the emerging global cannabis industry and producer of Regenerative Cannabis Live at the
United Nations, is pleased to announce an expanded slate of member benefits and a revised pricing structure.

The growing Regennabis Member Network is a community of disruptive and innovative companies, nonprofits, and
individuals – from any industry – with an interest in maximizing growth and profitability. Members engage in peer-to-peer
learning and collaboration around four core enablers for short and long-term, multi-capital organizational growth:
ESG, Sustainability, Purpose-centric Brand Development and Investment Services.

A key member benefit is attendance at the annual Regenerative Cannabis Live event at the United Nations, which will
take place on October 3, 2023. The event attracts a diverse range of stakeholders, including government officials,
non-governmental organizations, academics and business leaders. Regennabis convenes these stakeholders and ensures
the “Market-in-the-Room,” and provides optimized exposure for Regennabis members, beneficial for marketing and brand recognition.

[VIEW Regenerative Cannabis Live at the UN]

New membership benefits include discounted access to the organization’s new Education Series, providing key learnings into how
ESG needs to be successfully implemented to ensure enhanced profitability and compliance.

Regennabis has also adjusted its member pricing to reflect the challenges many businesses are facing in the current economic
climate. Members comprise licensed producers, ancillary companies, distributors, media, social and environmental entrepreneurs,
investors and Fortune 500 corporations.

“Members learn how a focus on ESG and Sustainability generates profitability for their business,” said Patrick McCartan,
CGO/Co-founder, Regennabis. “The world’s leading cannabis industry players are rapidly joining the Network, benefiting from the
connections formed during the year and at the United Nations.”

More information:

About Regennabis

Regennabis delivers technology, advisory, membership, events and investment services to the global Cannabis, Hemp
and Psychedelics industries as well as to “canna-curious” Fortune 500 companies seeking insights into
these nascent sectors. Aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Regennabis builds cross-industry networks
helping companies become the leading sustainable brands of the future with a vision to deliver “Regenerative Growth For All.”

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