New Regennabis and National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services
Partnership to Drive Cannabis Sustainability and Profitability

Regennabis and National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services, the market leaders in the areas of ESG Reporting and
Disruptive Risk Management, have announced a new partnership that will bring the combined power of the two
services to the Cannabis Industry at a time where their inherent culture and discipline is key to the direction
of the global cannabis market.

“Services originating from the ESG and risk management foundations have long been referred to as ’ancillary’
to cannabis businesses,” stated Geoff Trotter, Regennabis Co- Founder and Chief Growth Officer. “We believe
that the term ‘auxiliary’ offers a much more accurate description as these services are core to how Cannabis
companies need to operate. The products and services that Regennabis and National Cannabis Risk Prevention
Services (NCRPS) provide are now mission critical to the success of cannabis.”

“NCRPS provides EFFECTIVE risk management as a discipline that enables companies to embrace formal
continuous improvement required to drive costs out of their business. This agreement, coupled with the clarity
and alignment shared in the visions of the founders, make this partnership a natural and influential fit.” said
Rocco Petrilli, CEO and President of NCRPS. “In comparing our individual core competencies, NCRPS and
Regennabis are aligned on multiple levels. It is time to apply such worthy solutions to cannabis and change the
current value trajectory,”

Partnership activities will include the co-development of a follow-up study to the recently released “Resource
Use Efficiency in the Cannabis Industry” report co-authored with Hawthorne Gardening Company
( The report outlines the challenges indoor growers face from a sustainability
perspective and steps that are being taken to create a framework for meaningful resource-use efficiency.
The new report is being developed around the impacts of ESG and risk management principles and tools on
cannabis cultivation and beyond.

Other joint activities will focus significantly on education, implementation and execution of resulting actions
that will improve all areas of the cannabis vertical.

Regennabis – Building Regenerative Industries.: Regennabis delivers Technology,
Advisory and Convening services to the Global Cannabis and Hemp Industries as well as to “canna-curious”
Fortune 500 companies seeking insights into these nascent sectors. Aligned to the United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals, Regennabis builds cross-industry networks that help companies become the leading
regenerative brands of the future with the common vision of building “Regenerative Growth for All.”

NCRPS – National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services NCRPS offers the cannabis industry an
enterprise-wide business risk framework assessment and improvement process. Outputs of the assessment
provide the client with a series of categorized risk scores (which are analogous to credit scores) measured
against established best in class risk practices in a report that effectively provides a gap analysis and customized
corrective action syllabus which directs the client to prioritize based on their criticality to business operations,
cost control/reduction and continuous improvement objectives. NCRPS recently combined with the National
Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA) and will serve as the lead brand while NCRMA manages
association membership, and the NCRM Academy’s educational offerings.

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