A Designer Favorite Meets Design-Heavy Marketing.

Monadnock Paper Mills, the oldest continually running paper mill in the US is a sustainability dream come true. Its sustainably crafted paper is used in printing, packaging and specialty converting applications. But how do you tell that story to an audience that is consistently getting “green washed” by brands that don’t live up the hype? Well, as Adduco says, you’ve got to Tell Your Story. And that’s just what we did. When Earth Day is your favorite holiday, you’ve got to put out a campaign worthy of your brand’s commitment to the environment. Adduco’s creative team created a graphic story using paper fibers to promote Monadnock’s commitment to sustainability “before it was cool” and the results are just stunning. By adding sustainability facts to each social post, Adduco was able to help tell MPM’s story to its audience and use its creative skills to get noticed. The campaign worked and MPM gained followers, interested potential customers and solidified its long-standing position as the choice for packaging, printing and specialty projects around the world.

*Adduco also supports Monadnock with additional services including public relations, marketing, graphic design and social media.

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