5 Keys to the Art of Storytelling

Storytelling might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of B2B marketing, but regardless of the product or service being promoted, it’s always there. Whether it comes to selling huge automated packaging systems or something as small in scale as paper, there’s always a story behind how the product or service was made and how it makes people feel. 

Business-to-business storytelling relies on the same principles as your favorite novel. These five elements must be present in any story: 

  1. Tone and Theme: Think about the stories you’re drawn to from other brands – are they exciting, or serious? What ties the story together? 
  2. Characters: In B2B, this is your subject matter expert or spokesperson and the customer.
  3. Location: Your favorite fiction story might take place in a haunted forest, but B2B stories typically occur at businesses, whether it’s a warehouse, office or event.
  4. Problem or conflict: What pain points are your customers experiencing? This is where the product or service steps in.
  5. Resolution: How your brand’s product or service has helped solve the client’s problem. 

How you approach telling your story is up to you; but you should keep your target demographic and industry in mind as you do so. The five elements above are essential elements  to telling a story that will stay with the audience long after they’ve finished reading. Remember, while technical specifications are important, a story that makes your company a natural partner for a customer makes all the difference in setting you apart from others in your industry. 

Need examples to get started? Read through some of our customer success stories: 

The Making ofMonadnock Paper Mills and Tadd Myers 

Visually compelling and fun to read, Adduco gathered all of the companies that made this vibrant and beautiful photo book from Tadd Myers happen, including our client Monadnock Paper Mills. Not only does the article walk through the process of creating a photo book with paper and printing companies, but the story of the lobsters and the paper ties the story together to emphasize the importance of sustainability at every step in the book’s creation journey. 

The Customer TestimonialSignode and Aurobindo Pharma 

A successful customer testimonial is something every company hopes for, and that’s exactly what Adduco helped Signode achieve. Aurobindo Pharma received a massive operational boost from the Signode ASRS, growing their warehouse capacity by +405%. The video helps illustrate the scale of Aurobindo’s operation, and a glowing customer testimonial ties together a story that emphasizes partnership and support. 

Taking the Energy HomeRegenerative Cannabis Live Post-Show Video

Needing a way to quickly summarize the energy of the last Regenerative Cannabis Live event at the United Nations, Adduco created a one-minute video that utilized key moments from presentations and meetings to remind everyone what they took part in (or missed) at the event. People who went are reminded of the excitement and purpose of being there, and people who missed out have a great reason to go next time. 

If you still need help uncovering the stories of your brand, don’t wait, contact the A team today!

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