Fun at SuperCorr Orlando

The Adduco Team had a great time at SuperCorr Expo, the country’s largest Corrugated Industry show in Orlando, FL.  Check out some highlights and a little fun during SuperCorr’s evening gala 🙂


VP Christina Eyuboglu and President Simona Georgescu driving to the Orlando Conference Center to support SUN Automation Group at SuperCorr Expo!

Hey ya’ll!  Just setting up the booth before SCE!

Simona makes sure everything is perfect with multi-media before the SCE show. Lot’s to do!

Adduco’s Director Heather Tompson has a blast being interviewed by “Jimmy Fallon”

Adduco’s VP Christina Eyuboglu fulfills her life-long dream of meeting “Oprah”.

Adduco had the honor of designing this year’s SUN Automation Group booth at SuperCorr Expo. Christina took the opportunity to show off the awesome SUN above the booth. Hard work pays off. The show and the booth was a success! Special thanks to ZigZibit for the expertise along the way!

Heather designed the meeting room to look just like the CorrStream machine– it was truly a sight to be seen!

President of Adduco Simona Georgescu shows off her fightin’ skills with Mohammed Ali at Madame Tussauds during SuperCorrr Expo’s evening gala.

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