Adduco Team Summit

When a snow storm rumbles through Raleigh Durham and you improvise!  Conference center closed? No worries, we’ll find a spare bedroom and set up shop.

Check out some behind the scenes photos of our intense planning session!  So much fun to be had in 2018!  Can’t wait to share all our travels with you.

only work with pretty things…

Say cheese! yup, that’s a bedroom we’re working in. Sleep, work repeat!  Director Heather and President Simona working hard.

Wait, I want in on that pic too, says VP Christina

Late night selfies never get old. Christina and Account Manager Tina are burning the midnight oil.

Tina “I do not know how to take selfies”

Heather “This is how you take a good selfie”

That’s right, Lovely Ideas flowing straight from Simona’s brain….


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